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Conference Papers and Presentations

Jul 2016 - 16th Atomic Layer Deposition Conference

"Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam (ANAB) Processing for Atomic Layer Etch (ALE)"

Oct 2015 - International Symposium on Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography

"Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam Processing of Ultra-thin Membranes for EUV Pellicle Development"

Jul 2015 - SEMICON West

"Case Study: Exogenesis Strategic Partnership to Develop and Commercialize Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam Technology," presented during Silicon Innovation Forum at SEMICON West     Abstract | Presentation (PDF)

"Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam (ANAB) Development and Commercialization" (PDF)

Feb 2015 - SPIE Advanced Lithography TWG

"Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam Processing of Ultra-thin Membranes to Enhance EUV Transmittance" (PDF)

Feb 2014 - SPIE Advanced Lithography

"Mitigation of EUV Mask Blank Substrate Pit and Scratch Defects by Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam (ANAB) Processing" M.Walsh, K.Chau, S.Kirkpatrick, R.Svrluga, B.Piwczyk, F.Goodwin, D.Balachandran    Manuscript | Presentation (PDF)

Nov 2013 - 22nd annual Lithography Workshop

"Applications in Lithography, Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam (ANAB)"  Abstract  | Presentation | Poster (PDF)