Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam (ANAB) will be
the workhorse of the atomic manufacturing era.


It is the only technology for accelerating particles that uses:

Truly neutral particles. ANAB particles are never ionized.  There is no need for secondary neutralization.

Extremely low energies. ANAB's particles impact the surface with energies in the controlled range of 10-100ev.

What is ANAB?

It’s a patented, atomic particle accelerator. It is similar to an ion implanter or a plasma tool, both widely used in semiconductor device manufacturing.

What does ANAB do?

ANAB is used to modify a few nanometers of the surface of a material.

ANAB can:

  • Etch atomic-scale layers without sputtering
  • Controllably etch with 1 nanometer of accuracy
  • Deposit 1-3 nanometers of material on a surface
  • Grow an embedded film 1-3 nanometers thick
  • Amorphize 1-3 nanometers of a crystalline surface
  • Smooth surfaces to 1 angstrom of roughness
  • Convert hydrophobic materials to hydrophilic
  • Activate surfaces by creating dangling bonds

How is ANAB used?

NPC is pursuing application of ANAB in many areas in the manufacturing of integrated circuits.

The initial focus is to use ANAB as Atomic Layer Etch (ALE) technology to:

  • Etch the gate spacer
  • Clean the bottom of contacts
  • Create an EUV mask pellicle